Reporting Frequency Change to Kansas City Region COVID-19 Data Hub

The Kansas City Region COVID-19 Data Hub has shifted to weekly reporting on Tuesdays only. The change began the week of July 4.

Rationale: A majority of the jurisdictions that the hub collects its data from are no longer updating their data daily.

Impacts: Visibility on emerging data will be limited in between update periods. Tuesday updates will include any reporting that occurred over the non-reporting period. For certain jurisdictions, newly reported data will be attributed to the date of occurrence. For jurisdictions that do not share back-dated data, these events will appear on the timeline on the date they were collected. This will lead to higher numbers on Tuesdays but will not impact 7-day averages.

Recall that the data hub enforces a 10-day lag for the rolling averages to account for normal delays in reporting and validation. In many cases, particularly high single-day numbers on the most recent Tuesday will be partially re-attributed to earlier dates during validation, and the single-day reporting will be more closely aligned with previous Tuesdays (since the hub began weekly reporting) after the 10-day period.

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