New, Improved Source for tracking COVID-19 Cases and Deaths in Saline County, MO

Today the Mid-America Regional Council has changed the source used for the data displayed for Saline, County, MO. This change affects the data for cases and deaths. It does not affect data for testing or hospitalizations.

Previously, the source used for Saline County was the Show Me Strong Public Health Dashboard published by the state of Missouri. We have worked closely with local health leadership in Saline County ensure the data we display is timely and complete.

After much consideration, we are changing our source to Saline’s county-level page of the University of Missouri’s All Thing’s Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard,

Benefits of moving to this new source include:

  • This new source retrieves data in a direct nightly feed from the Saline Health Department. This aligns with the MARC priority to publish data that is vetted directly by the local health department.
  • This new source substantially improves the timeliness of death data
  • This new source includes probable cases identified with antigen testing. (State-level reporting excludes probable cases). This is valuable because many cases in Saline County are identified through antigen testing in local long-term care homes.

What you’ll see on the Hub due to this change:

  • All historical data for cases in Saline county will be backdated to show previously untracked cases. This will change the historical data shown to be more accurate about past conditions.
  • There will be a temporary, one-time spike in deaths for Saline as the newly tracked deaths are added. We will work with the local health department to update historical data over time. That will include attributing deaths to their date of occurrence.
  • Total cases and deaths in Saline County (and the HCC North-South region) will show higher counts than previously reported. These cases will show as newly reported but it will not mean those cases and deaths have occurred in the last 24 hours.
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