Planning for people with functional and access needs

Being ready for a disaster is everyone’s responsibility. You should decide what you will be able to do for yourself and what assistance you may need before, during and after a disaster.

Assess Your Unique Needs and Resources

  • Do you need assistance with personal care, such as bathing and grooming?
  • Do you use adaptive equipment such as a shower chair, tub-transfer bench, or other similar equipment?
  • Do you use special utensils that help you prepare or eat food independently?
  • Do you require a care giver to assist you with daily living?

Make a personal disaster plan.

This will help you organize information you will need and activities you will do during and after a disaster. Keep copies of your disaster plan in your disaster supplies kit, car, wallet or wheelchair pack, and share your plan with your network of family, friends and caregivers.

Make an emergency information list that you and your network can use.

This list will let others know whom to call if they find you unconscious, unable to speak, or if they need to help you evacuate quickly. Your list should include the names and numbers of everyone in your network.

Complete a medical information list that you and your network can use.

The list should have information about your medical conditions, medical providers, names of medications and dosages, condition the medication is for, the doctor’s name and phone number who prescribed it.

Attach copies of health insurance cards and related information to the medical information list. Work with your doctor(s) to get extra supplies of medications and copies of prescriptions if possible.

Note: If you take medications administered to you by a clinic or hospital (such as methadone, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy), ask your provider how you should prepare for a disruption caused by a disaster.

For more preparedness information for people with functional and access needs visit the American Red Cross website at

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