Active Threats

Be aware of suspicious activity

You can help prevent and detect terrorism — and other types of crime — by watching for suspicious activities and reporting them to the proper authorities.

Signs to watch for:

  1. Observation / surveillance / photography.
  2. Expressed or implied threat.
  3. Materials acquisition / storage.
  4. Weapons collection.
  5. Eliciting information.
  6. Testing or probing of security.
  7. Attempted intrusion.
  8. Misrepresentation.
  9. Theft / loss / diversion.
  10. Sabotage / tampering / vandalism

If you see something, say something

Remember, EVERYONE, not just law enforcement officials, should be aware of suspicious people and activities and report them to authorities.

To report suspicious activity, contact your local law enforcement agency or, to remain anonymous, call 816-474-TIPS. Describe specifically what you observed, including who or what you saw, when and where you saw it and why it’s suspicious.

Know what to do

In an emergency, call 911 when it’s safe to do so. In an active shooter incident, take action based on the situation.

  • Run  — Escape immediately if you can.
  • Hide — If you can’t run, lock / block the door and conceal yourself behind a solid object.
  • Fight — As a last resort; commit to you actions.
  • Be the help until help arrives — Assist injured persons when safe to do so. Find bleeding source, pack wound with clean cloth and apply continuous pressure.

Watch the FBI’s Run. Hide. Fight. video to learn tactics to escape an active threat.

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