KC doctors answer vaccine questions in new videos

KC doctors answer vaccine questions in new videos

A new video project from Vaccinate KC features local doctors answering some of the biggest questions related to COVID-19 vaccines and sharing why they got vaccinated.

Research shows that doctors are among the most trusted groups when it comes to sharing COVID-19 information. View the videos to hear what doctors in the Kansas City region have to say on vaccine safety, possible side effects and why vaccination is important for our communities.

“I got vaccinated for a couple of reasons. One, I wanted to protect myself from the severe effects of the COVID-19 infection and I also wanted to protect others around me – whether it’s my patients or my family members or anyone I come in contact with. I didn’t want to be an infectious person to them,” said Dr. Trevena Moore in a “Why I got vaccinated” video.

Videos are also available in Spanish.

Individuals and organizations are encouraged to share the videos on social media, websites or through other communications. The videos can be embedded from YouTube or downloaded with captions.

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