Improved Data Collection Systems to Improve Historical Accuracy for Platte County Data

Hub frequenters may notice a change in the data represented on the regional hub for Platte County due to an update in data gathering processes. Before March 1st, newly reported incidents (cases, deaths and tests) remained on the time series on the date they were first reported for Platte County. As of March 1st, the team supporting the Kansas City Region COVID-19 Data Hub implemented a new system to capture changes to any date in the timeline and attribute occurrences to the appropriate date. This means that the totals reported for each of these metrics will remain the same, but previous dates in the timeline may see some shifts. 

A Hypothetical Example: 

Day A: Miriam feels ill, goes to get a Coronavirus test.  

Day B: Miriam’s test is reported to the public health department by the doctor who gave it to her. 

Before March 1st, Miriam’s test would have been reported on Day B. Moving forward, Miriam’s test will be represented on the day the test was administered: Day A. 

Readers should note:

Platte county updates their public data for cases and deaths more frequently than for testing. This improvement in data collection does not change the frequency of testing data updates shared by Platte County. 

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