COVID-19 Highlights for the Week of 2/7/22

COVID-19 highlights for the week of 02/07/2022:

 What’s Happening?

  • Cases and hospitalizations are showing welcome decreases in the Metro region, but they remain higher than any previous wave in the pandemic.
  • Hospitals are just starting to experience improving trends in terms of new admissions of patients with COVID-19 but the impacts of sustained pressure on the system (particularly those related to staff shortages) will be felt for a long time.
  • ICU capacity is particularly strained due to longer length of stay among patients with COVID-19, which average up to three times longer than other types of patients.

What Can I Expect?

  • Long wait times for emergency services and limited availability of local hospital beds
  • Many hospitals continue prioritizing critical healthcare resources and reallocating services and support where necessary. This means you may be contacted to reschedule your procedure or appointment.

What Can I Do?

Phone: 816-474-4240
600 Broadway, Suite 200
Kansas City, MO 64105
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