COVID-19 Highlights for the Week of 10/11/21

COVID-19 Highlights for the Week of 10/4/21:

What’s Happening?

  • Although cases and hospital admissions are modestly declining, this is not the time to relax our efforts and mitigation measures; Communities within our region remain in high and substantial levels of transmission as defined by the CDC;
Region Low Moderate Substantial High
Metro 0 0 2 7
N/S 0 0 0 9
  • Unfilled staff positions, especially Registered Nurses and Respiratory Therapists continue to be the biggest limiting factor in the healthcare system.
  • Pediatric infections remain concerningly high. Studies and our experience show that masking in schools is an effective mitigation measure for COVID-19 as well as RSV and other respiratory infections (including seasonal flu).
  • Local officials continue to review and to update current mandates.
  • Influenza season in Kansas City Region has begun and vaccinations are underway for all age groups and can be safely received regardless of COVID vaccination timing or status.

What Can I Expect? 

  • Influenza has the potential to add an additional burden to healthcare facilities / hospitals on top of COVID.

What Can I Do?

  • If you need COVID-19 testing performed, call your primary care physician or visit PrepareMetroKC to see testing locations near you. Emergency Rooms or Urgent Care should be reserved for those experiencing severe symptoms. 
  • Protect yourself, loved ones, and your community — get vaccinated, wear a mask, avoid crowds, stay home and do not send students to school if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Everyone should wear a mask in public indoor settings in areas of high and substantial transmission, per the CDC guidelines.
  • Talk with your doctor about approved treatments if needed; treatment may include Monoclonal Antibody Infusion.
  • Be a workforce vaccination leader — see COVID Stops Here
  • Get a flu shot because it can reduce illness and stem the burden on our healthcare system.

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