A Delay in Data Validation: Minor Impacts Expected on Validated Data Trend Lines for Week of February 21

MARC is notifying readers of a delay in the typical validation process with one of our jurisdictions. This delay is temporary. As a result, readers may notice unusual increases or decreases in the dark blue trend lines for cases, deaths, and tests.

The dark blue trend lines represent data that has had time to be validated. They are more stable and complete than preliminary data (the light blue bars that extend past the dark blue line).   

MARC staff typically validate and backdate the counts for cases, deaths, and tests to their date of occurrence within ten days. There are some exceptions to this, and validated data is still subject to change. However, at 10 days the data stability is usually dramatically improved.  

What does the delay in data validation mean?  

Beginning tonight, the validated trend lines will include some data that is still being fully validated. Readers may notice larger jumps or drops in the dark blue trend lines than is usual.  Once the data is fully validated, the trend line will stabilize and show the most accurate trends.  

MARC is working diligently with our partners to ensure data is validated and to correct this impact on the trend lines.   

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