TRANSCRIPT: FEMA Video Section 3: Make a Plan

Zach: Well the meeting with the emergency manager went well. We learned a lot about hazards, warning systems, and evacuations. But I needed a break after Mom and I went over all that stuff with the rest of the family. Well, time to get back to it.

Katie: Hey Zach, what's next?

Zach: Well, looks like next we have to put together an emergency communications plan.

Katie: Wait. What's that?

Zach: It is a plan on how to communicate with one another during an emergency.

Katie: What does it look like?

Zach: Well....according to this booklet you can find a sample form for recording this information at or at

Mom: And look, there's one right here in the Are You Ready? Guide.

Dad: Looks pretty simple. We can even use a blank sheet of paper if we had to.

Zach: Well, whatever we are the basics it needs to cover...We need contact information for family members at work, school, cell.

Zach: Hey, sounds like I might get a cell phone out of this!

Mom & Dad: Hmmm

Zach: We also need an "Out-of-Town” call and let them know where we are and that we're safe.

Katie: Why do we need that?

Dad: Well Sweetie, it could be hard to get through on the local phone lines after a disaster.

Mom: For instance, you all might not be able to get through to me at work. So, it's good to have an out-of-town contact, like Nana. She would be our out-of-town communication link.

Zach: Well, we also need to establish some sort of meeting location for... in case we get separated during an emergency....and we need the contact information for emergency services such as – fire – police – and the Nationwide Poison Control Hotline

Mom: Well, who ever's going to do it – there are cut out forms in the back of the Are You Ready guide—which should make things real simple for you.

Katie: Ok lets get to work filling this in.

Fade out


Zach: Well, looks like we're done!

Dad: Well, it didn't take too long, did it?...but now remember, we're going to have to make sure that we update this plan whenever the information changes.

Mom: That's right kids.

Dad: I mean like Katie, the phone number's going to be different next year when you change schools.

Mom: So, here's what I'm going to do. Now that we're finished I'm going to go ahead and post this by the phone – just in case we need it.

Dad: Good idea.

Zach: Hey, says here we should do a wallet sized version to carry with us.

Dad: Uh, Linda, didn't you say there were cut outs in the back of the guide?

Mom: Yes, there right there.

Dad: Yeah, here they are.

Katie: Whose gonna make these up?

Zach: If you do it, I'll do your dishes....

Katie: Two times?

Zach: Deal.

Mom: Hey, didn't I see some thing in the book here on a... what to do with your pets in the event of an emergency? You know, I did. Here it is right here. It says Families should call their Vet, their animal control office, or an animal shelter ahead of time, for information and advice...Wow, this is really good information. Also, if an evacuation is necessary, find out which hotels and motels take pets. Pets are not typically allowed in emergency shelters with the exception of service animals.

Katie: Mommy, is that because somebody could be allergic or scared or something?

Mom: Well, I would think so honey...but also because of health and hygiene.

Zach: ...what's a service animal?

Mom: Well, it's like Aunt Becky's dog, a seeing-eye dog. So, we need to be sure to have up-to-date veterinarian records to prove the pet's vaccinations are current. Each pet should have proper ID. And the family should gather pet, water, and medications. A pet carrier and leash are a must. Before our plan is complete, there are some other things for us to do...

Dad: like what?

Mom: Well honey, it says here that we need to learn how and when to shut off our utilities. It also says that we need to learn how to use our fire extinguishers, install and maintain our smoke alarms, review our insurance coverage...Gosh, what about all my family files?

Dad: Oh, well those are important things. We have to store things like a... insurance policies, passports, all of our deeds, titles...all of that stuff has to be put in a safe place. Somewhere away from the house like a safety deposit box, and most importantly we have to keep copies of all of those documents in our Disaster Supplies Kit.

Mom: What in the world is a Disaster Supplies Kit

Dad: That's a good question actually. Zach, what does it look like ...How big is it? like a first aid kit?

Zach: It's bigger than a first aid kit... but first aid items go into the's a container...might even be two containers... that holds supplies your family would need to survive for 3 days... You know...stuff like food, water...a battery operated radio and a flashlight...

Katie: Hey, Can we make one of these up tonight?

Mom: Well, that sounds like Step Number Three! ASSEMBLE A KIT!

Zach: Yeah. Hey. This project is going pretty good, huh?

Mom: Zach, this project is going very well.

Dad: Thanks to you pal.