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Safety Tips from the Heart of America Metro Fire Chiefs Council

Vacation Fire Safety

Fire can occur at any time or place, and it is important to know what to do if a fire occurs in your motel, hotel or other public places, including many popular vacation attractions like restaurants, amusement parks, a petting zoo, the ballpark, the theater or a museum.

Staying in a hotel or motel

When staying in a motel or hotel, especially a high-rise structure, it is important to be familiar with survival actions. Many people have died, partially because they didn't know the following crucial tips.

Choosing accommodations

Plan your escape

If you hear a fire alarm or suspect a fire

Fire safety in other public places

Fires can happen anywhere, anytime. Whenever you walk into any building other than your home, look around for fire exits. People have been known to bypass several fire exits in an emergency and head right for the door they entered because they didn't take the time to plan their escape.

Look for fire exits when you walk into common places like the supermarket, library, theater, doctor's office or restaurant. Take special note when you walk into large buildings such as a shopping mall, sports arena, video arcade, or skating rink.

Knowing how to get out in case of fire may save your life. Please remember to make note of any exits that may provide a safe means out if needed.


Floyd Peoples, Chief Fire Marshal, Kansas City, Mo., Fire Department, 816-784-9100
Heart of America Metro Fire Chiefs Council, 9550 W. 95th St., Overland Park, Kan. 66212