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Safety Tips from the Heart of America Metro Fire Chiefs Council

Fireworks Safety

The usage and discharge of fireworks are strictly prohibited in many greater Kansas City communities; however some do allow the discharge of certain class “C” fireworks. In Missouri, fireworks may be sold from June 20 through July 10. Check your state and local regulations for private use of fireworks. 

 IF your community allows the discharge of fireworks, the Heart of America Metro Fire Chiefs Council for the following safety tips:

If you get burned from fireworks, remember these do’s and don’ts of burn care.  If the injury is severe, call 911 immediately for emergency medical care.

Do Not…
  • Cool a burn by flushing with water.
  • Apply ice directly to any burn unless it’s very minor.
  • Cover the burn with a dry, clean covering.
  • Touch a burn with anything except a clean covering.
  • Keep the victim comfortable and from being chilled or overheated.
  • Remove pieces of cloth that stick to the burned area.
  • Break blisters or use any kind of ointment on a severe burn.

For more tips and information, contact your local fire department or visit

The Heart of America Fire Chiefs Council wishes all greater Kansas City metropolitan residents a safe and happy 4th of July.

Floyd Peoples, Chief Fire Marshal, Kansas City, Mo., Fire Department, 816-784-9100
Heart of America Metro Fire Chiefs Council, 9550 W. 95th St., Overland Park, Kan. 66212