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Safety Tips from the Heart of America Metro Fire Chiefs Council

College Safety Tips

Going to college is a daunting experience - perhaps the first time students live on their own and are responsible for taking care of themselves. When campus crime is added to the equation, safety is a priority. If you are a student heading off to college, or if you are a parent with a child who will be leaving home to attend college, these tips are for making college a safer place to learn.

Think Of Safety Before Applying to Colleges:

Research the schools that you are interested in applying to and obtain the college safety statistics for each school.

Safely Traveling Back And Forth to College:

Before Moving Into Your College Dormitory or Off-Campus Apartment:

After You Have Settled into Your New Living Quarters:

Take Extra Precautions When You Live In Off-Campus Housing:

Have Your Own College Safety Items Readily Available:

Be Safe When Walking Alone On Campus:

Adhere To A Buddy System While Away At College:

One Final College Safety Tip:

Put the word ICE (In Case of Emergency)into your phone with a parent or guardian name programmed with this code. The authorities know to look for this code in case an emergency occurs and they need to get in touch with a relative.

Enjoy yourself while away at college and keep yourself safe. Be aware of all the safety precautions that you have available to you.

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