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Disasters are a serious matter. People may get hurt, lose their homes, suffer the loss of a loved one, or other tragedy. We would never make light of their pain and suffering. That being said sometimes humor can be a good resource to learn about emergency preparedness. We don’t want you to be scared, we want you to be prepared. Please explore the links on this page as we take a look at the lighter side of emergency preparedness.


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Disaster & Preparedness in "Disaster Place Theater"

Episode 1, Disaster Place Theater: Tornado -- Get Down


Episode 2, Disaster Place Theater: Fire -- Get Out

Episode 3, Disaster Place Theater: Chemical -- Seal Up



Disaster & Preparedness

Episode 1: Meet Disaster & Preparedness


Episode 2: Keep Mayhem to a Minimum

Episode 3: It's Not Rocket Science


Episode 4: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Episode 5: Don't Let Disaster Have the Last Word


Episode 6: What's Your Next Move?

Episode 7: Put Disaster Down for the Count