Addressing COVID-19 Rumors in our Communtiy

Information about COVID-19 is rapidly changing, leading to myths, rumors and misinformation spreading throughout our region. Social media and other digital platforms help spread these myths quickly.

Just like the virus itself, you can do your part to stop the spread of misinformation.

Know the facts and help stop the spread of rumors

Learn to spot a rumor and prevent it from spreading.

These resources provide additional information on rumors:

RUMOR: Hospitals will euthanize COVID-19 patients

What they're saying:

A recent rumor found on social media claims that people who seek medical treatment at hospitals and test positive for COVID-19 will be euthanized.

What's the truth:

Hospital patients cannot and will not be euthanized for any reason. COVID-19 patients receive care just like any other patient, but with extra precautions and personal protective equipment to protect health care workers from catching the virus.