TRANSCRIPT: Shelter-in-Place Podcast

Hello. My name is Rita Hoffman. I’m the  Emergency Management Coordinator for the city of Olathe, Kansas.

During an accidental release of chemical, or other emergencies where air quality is threatened, Sheltering-In-Place keeps you inside a building and out of danger.  Sheltering-In-Place simply means staying inside the building you are in, whether it’s your home, business or other facility, or seeking shelter in the nearest available building.  In some instances, Sheltering-In-Place is your best defense against accidental release of toxic chemicals. 

It is the responsibility of local authorities to issue orders for Sheltering-In-Place during chemical emergencies. You may receive these orders directly from police, fire or emergency management officials, or through a media source, such as the radio or television.  The NOAA weather radio will be another reliable source.  Once the order for Sheltering-In-Place has been issued, do not leave your home until you receive official notification that the danger has passed.  

The following are the simple steps you should take in the event you are directed to Shelter-In-Place during an emergency.